What is Cisco?

A well-known service and technology provider Cisco was founded in 1984 by two Stanford University computer scientists Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner. Cisco has become one of the world’s greatest companies in the world ranking top 100 according to Fortune 100. The company has around $51 billion in revenue and over 80,000 employees. Cisco provides many services and technologies involving networking, security, software, collaboration, and the cloud. According to its website, Cisco strives to have a social impact, unlock the power of digitalization, and create a secure and private network. They help their customers by connecting them, securing, and accelerating their digital agility in the cloud.

Cisco provides its services to various customers such as enterprises, commercial companies, and the public sector. 

Enterprises: are usually larger and international businesses that have multiple office locations. These businesses tend to have unique networking, IT, and collaboration needs. Cisco provides its services to enterprises to support these needs.

Commercial companies: are usually midmarket or small businesses. These companies generally need up-to-date technology similar to Cisco’s enterprise customers. However, small businesses need a much simpler form of the technology so installing and configuring isn’t as hard. Maintaining these less complex technologies will also be easier.

The public sector: is similar to enterprise companies as they have to deal with multi-vendor customers. The difference is, that much of the public sector customers revolve around federal, state, and local governments, as well as educational institutions. 

Cisco continues to mold businesses and companies’ digital activity through their products revolving around their core categories. 1. Secure and Agile Networks: This category helps companies build networks and automate, orchestrate, integrate, and digitize data. 2. Collaboration: Cisco strives to help people connect by helping build relations, integrate insights, and provide more audio intelligence. This will overall boost productivity. 3. End-to-end Encryption: Cisco helps businesses by giving cloud-native services to secure access wherever the user or application lives. Cisco+  Secure Connect solution is a big player in this category.

Cisco is a great company for supporting and the enhancement of enterprises’ digital movement. Their services make sure that their customers’ networks are protected but still accessible and easy to manage. Cisco continues to make a secure network accessible. That way, customers can continue to thrive as they know that their network can handle the ups and downs of running a business.

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