BC Government Cyber Incident

The BC government stated that they had found and identified significant cybersecurity incidents within their network. Premier David Eby’s office said that no evidence that sensitive information has been compromised. However, the investigation is still underway as the full extent of the incident has not been fully determined. “I want to assure British Columbians that the protection of data and networks is a top priority for our government. Cybersecurity threats are a constant reality of the modern world and continue to grow in seriousness,” [David] Eby said in a statement. “I know the public will have many questions about these incidents, and we will be as transparent as we can without compromising the investigation.”

Workers have also been requested to change their passwords as it is the government’s top priority to protect its networks and data stated Eby. The head of BC’s public service announced that there was a significant level of confidence that the attack was state-sponsored. However, the investigation is still ongoing. Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth stated that there has been no ransom demand. “Government staff, with support from other agencies, have worked to protect government systems and respond to the incident,” he said at the news conference. “They have been able to ensure that there has not been an interruption to government operations or services.” It was also added that there are 76 employed staff year-round who are designated to protect the government’s network from cyber attacks like this. The investigation will continue 

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